Developing talented people

In today’s world, businesses and their employees must evolve the way they work, both internally and externally. Cultivating employees with a technology skillset that is truly adapted to the 21st century is a crucial driver of success. We view the future of human capital as transformational rather than transactional; in other words, the skills we develop in the workplace also have a place in the wider world, helping to solve important societal issues. PwC’s Human Capital teams enable organizations to expand their talent strategies so they can keep pace with their business needs and fill the skills gaps that we see across all types of industries.

Whether we are advising clients on human resource transformation, delivering more innovative and interactive tools for employee learning and engagement, or developing models of diversity and inclusion to attract and retain talent and continue to foster an inclusive culture, PwC helps our clients find ways to align their human resource strategy with their overall business strategy so they can be more successful.

Of course, as a firm whose “product” is our people, talent innovation must start at home, which is why we have prioritized employee engagement and leadership development in our own organization. We also recognize that having a purpose is key to success for both businesses and employees in today’s interconnected world.

Earn Your Future®

The statistics are more than alarming – our nation’s teenagers and young adults do not have the financial acumen needed for 21st century success. At PwC, we knew we had the skills and the talents to take a leadership position and do something that would make a difference for individuals, their communities, and the economy as a whole. Our Earn Your Future (EYF) commitment has leveraged our best assets – the talent and time of our partners and staff – to develop the financial skills of teenagers and young adults and their educators. The five-year commitment empowered our people with the time, resources, and opportunities to volunteer in our nation’s classrooms and teach financial skills. By early October 2016, our partners and staff had volunteered nearly 1 million service hours to EYF – just shy of our 2020 commitment – and the firm had contributed $97.5 million.

More than three-quarters of educators who teach financial literacy indicate a need for more appropriate curriculum resources.3

Half of today’s teens are financially illiterate.1

46% of teens do not know how to create a budget, and nearly 50% of teens are unsure of how to use a credit card effectively.2

Empowering women

PwC saw an opportunity to help UN Women in its mission to economically empower women globally. With our design and technology expertise, a PwC team, including some of our brightest interns, helped launch a redesigned and rebranded website, What started as a pro bono effort quickly grew into a trusted relationship as we help the UN Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative expand into a bigger global movement that is equipping women and girls with the online tools they need to promote learning, collaboration, and innovation.

Our commitment to veterans

We established our Veterans Affinity Network to help harness the talents and capabilities of our people who have served in the US military. We support the recruitment and retention of individuals who answered the call to serve our country. In 2015, we appointed our first veterans’ advocacy and recruiting leader, who is helping us implement an enhanced model for attracting, hiring, and retaining veterans and veteran spouses.

The PwC Charitable Foundation also aims to help veterans when they leave active service and find themselves facing a range of barriers, from lack of access to affordable education to challenges in preparing themselves for civilian jobs. Overall, the Foundation has committed $5 million by 2019 to support veterans and their families.

Top 100 Military Friendly Employers since 2011 (G.I. Jobs)

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Although innovation is at the top of everyone’s agendas, innovating effectively and at scale can prove challenging.

Organizations need a comprehensive business and technology strategy that moves at the speed of the digital age and embraces disruption.

Enormous amounts of data are at organizations’ fingertips. We help clients discover the value of their data and create trust in it.

For PwC, building trust in society and solving important problems is at the heart of who we are.