Reporting on CR

Our purpose, to build trust in society and solve important problems, articulates what is – and always has been – our reason for being in business. And with trust at an all-time low across industries, governments, and key institutions, it is critical that our purpose provides the foundation for our behaviors, values, and competencies in order to demonstrate a distinctive culture for our people and our clients.

Corporate responsibility at PwC

Our corporate responsibility strategy centers on the societal themes of youth education, social inclusion, and the environment, and our goal is to deliver positive social impact, with measurable and long-lasting results in these areas. Reporting on our corporate responsibility efforts annually is essential to demonstrating transparency and building and maintaining trust with our stakeholders. This report aims to provide insight into our corporate responsibility perspective, progress, and performance.

GRI reporting

For our FY15 report, we followed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines at the core level, including the preparation of a materiality analysis, for the development of report content and indicator selection, and the GRI index. However, because of a small number of omissions, we do not claim to be reporting “in accordance” with G4. More information on the GRI Guidelines is available on the Global Reporting Initiative’s website.

Performance hub 

Check out progress toward our commitments and explore our data.

Materiality analysis 

More on how we determine what’s material for disclosure in the report.

Carbon methodology 

Learn how we define, measure, and manage our carbon footprint.

Report boundaries

This report covers PwC operations in the US. It does not cover non-US-based operations that may be conducted by PwC subsidiaries, PwC US operations outside of the US, or other members of the PwC network. The information and performance data disclosed in this report are for fiscal year 2015 (FY15), with some additional narrative around calendar year 2015 initiatives, where appropriate. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. During FY15, PwC completed a number of acquisitions, none of which were considered material to this report. Prior year data has not been adjusted to reflect the impact of entities acquired in FY15. Excluded from this report are preparations undertaken in FY15 for certain acquisitions completed in FY16. The boundaries of the material aspects that drive our reporting are presented in the GRI index. The boundary of our greenhouse gas footprint analysis is reported along with emissions data in the Performance hub.

References in this report to “our firm” refer to the US operations of PwC and references to “partners” include partners and principals.