Pro bono

Helping organizations go further

Pro bono engagements put our highest-quality skills and solutions to use in our communities, helping mission-driven organizations operate more efficiently and reach more people.

Our progress highlights

$30.1 millionin pro bono services delivered in FY17

104,000 pro bono hours delivered in FY17, nearly double the amount in FY13

Problem: In warehouses and pharmacies across the country, valuable prescription medications sit on shelves, expire and ultimately get thrown away. Solution: We used our experience in cost modeling and data analysis to support a nonprofit organization that collects unused, unexpired medications, tags them with serial numbers for safety, and redistributes them to clinics serving low-income populations. Our engagement team identified efficiencies across the organization, including bottling, quality assurance and serial tagging. These efficiencies reduce costs so the organization can scale, and ultimately save the lives of more people who rely on regular access to low-cost medication.

Looking ahead

We are transforming how we look at pro bono engagements through a new approach that will guide fee-waived engagements across the firm. With a focus on community issues including health, infrastructure, sustainability, education and economic development, we will identify local areas of need and put our skills and solutions to use on projects that will help communities reach their full potential.

Value of pro bono services delivered

Pro bono by cause

Pro bono by cause

Pro bono by type

Pro bono by type

Pro bono value

$ millions

Value of pro bono services delivered27.830.130.1

Pro bono hours delivered


By cause: 
Youth education pro bono36,99029,43931,686
Non-youth education pro bono56,25774,08072,733
By type: 
Fee-waived pro bono43,61856,57764,818
Loaned staff pro bono4,55944811
Board seat participation45,07046,49439,590