Earn Your Future®

Earn Your Future (EYF) began with a vision: leveraging our best assets – our people’s talent and time, as well as our financial resources – to develop the financial skills of young people in our communities. By early October, we surpassed our EYF commitments – nine months ahead of our June 2017 target. As we move toward the conclusion of our five-year pledge, we continue to push even further to see what our firm can achieve.


$97.5M in financial contributions

961,284 service hours

3.9M students and educators reached – 1.4M more than our original target

In 2012, we launched an ambitious five-year, $160 million commitment, and later increased it to $190 million, to reach 2.5 million students and educators by developing and teaching a financial literacy curriculum, delivering our skills pro bono, creating professional development opportunities for teachers, and investing in collaborative solutions for underserved communities.

While we’re pleased that we reached our targets ahead of schedule, we’re especially proud that our work is having an impact. PwC engaged the University of Notre Dame to analyze EYF’s performance, using data from 172,000 student assessments that were administered over a two-year period at more than 550 US schools. The analysis found that the PwC curriculum increased basic financial knowledge of students, equipped more students with the knowledge to make the right financial decisions, boosted student confidence in their financial literacy, and expanded student interest in learning more.

Financial contributions

Financial contributions

Students and educators reached

Students and educators reached

Earn Your Future youth education service hours


Volunteer hours by fiscal year253,366240,431222,648
Board seat participation hours by fiscal year14,75621,54028,542
Fee-waived and loaned staff pro bono hours by fiscal year7,85915,4507,279
Total service hours by fiscal year275,981277,421258,469
Cumulative service hours reached since FY13425,395702,815961,284

Earn Your Future youth education financial contributions

$ millions

Financial contributions by fiscal year23.130.227.9
Cumulative financial contributions FY14–FY1639.469.697.5

Earn Your Future students and educators reached


Students and educators reached by fiscal year651,000290,0002,409,000
Cumulative students and educators reached since FY131,169,0001,459,0003,868,000
  1. The data shown here represent the totals as of June 30, 2016, when our fiscal year ended. By October 2016, we exceeded 1 million service hours, achieving all three of our EYF goals early.