Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce

We believe our success as a firm depends on fostering an inclusive culture that acknowledges the unique experiences and perspectives each individual brings to the table.

We are proud that, today, women and minorities comprise 47% and 36% of our firm, respectively. Among our partners, diversity has grown from 16% women and 6% minorities in 2007 to 21% women and 13% minorities in 2017. Our 2017 new partner class is the most diverse in our history, with 45% women and minorities.

Our progress highlights

44%of FY17 new hires were women

38%of FY17 new hires were minorities

Senior associate Nick Gilyard became a social media celebrity when a photo of his marriage proposal to his now husband went viral. When PwC’s internal news picked up the story, he received many well wishes. “I don’t think this would happen at every employer, and it makes me excited and proud to work here. Many tout that they are inclusive, but to encourage people to live out loud and bring their entire self to work is another thing. It changes the way I work, feeling heard and valued. Getting staff on board starts at the top, so to have the US Chairman out in front on diversity and inclusion shows that we believe in it, and it’s not just to check a box.”

Looking ahead

As a CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ leader, we continue to provide opportunities for our professionals to have candid conversations about topics that are important to them, helping create a more open and trusting environment and inclusive workforce. Our inclusion networks, which welcome members and allies, provide such opportunities through small group and office-wide discussions, as well as national webcasts.

To raise awareness of unconscious bias, our blind spots training remains a prerequisite for promotion and a requirement for all new hires. We continue to improve and advance blind spots training, tools and resources for partners and staff. As part of our contribution to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, we have publicly shared our Blindspots training on the CEO Action website for others to use with employees and in their communities.

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Workforce - gender

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Workforce - minority

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