Carbon reduction

PwC takes a strategic approach to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating our climate impacts. We focus on areas of our environmental footprint that are relevant to the way in which we conduct business and that are most material: business travel, office energy use, and commuting, which collectively constitute 83% of our FY16 footprint.

On track 

32% reduction of absolute GHG emissions, compared to FY07 baseline. Our goal is a 45% reduction of our carbon emissions by FY20

We have been measuring and managing our carbon footprint since 2007. Our carbon measurement and analysis follows the World Resources Institute/World Business Council for Sustainable Development Greenhouse Gas Protocol and measures our emissions across a range of activities.

We have set an absolute carbon reduction goal (in carbon dioxide equivalents) and developed programs to cut our emissions 45% by FY20, compared to the FY07 baseline. In FY16 we achieved a 32% reduction in our carbon emissions.

The challenge ahead is to manage our absolute carbon emissions as the firm increases the overall numbers of partners and staff to meet the needs of our clients. To stay on track to meet our 45% reduction goal, we are continuing to build on our environmental strategy with a variety of approaches, including exploring ways to manage our air travel, being flexible in where we work, improving the efficiency of our offices, and leveraging the enthusiasm of our Green Teams – internal volunteer teams who champion our efforts to make our workplace more sustainable.

Absolute GHG emissions including RECs/offsets

Absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction


GHG emissions reduction (compared to FY07 baseline) – Absolute313432
GHG emissions reduction (compared to FY07 baseline) – By full-time employee465558

Absolute GHG emissions excluding Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)/offsets

Metric tons CO2e1

Air travel120,088129,110143,207

Absolute GHG emissions including RECs/offsets

Total emissions after RECs/offsets (metric tons CO2e)212,115202,982209,779
RECs/offsets purchased (metric tons CO2e)52,95774,90076,664
Absolute GHG emissions including RECs/offsets per FTE3 (metric tons CO2e/FTE)

Composition of GHG emissions excluding RECs/offsets


Air travel454650
  1. Metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.
  2. While our overall emissions calculation methodology has remained consistent, to improve accuracy, specific factors used in calculating our workspace energy consumption were changed and emissions were recalculated. As a result, the baseline year emissions were also adjusted.
  3. Full-time employee.