The strength of our people 

Our collective impact

We aim to create a culture of people who share a collective sense of responsibility to give back to the communities around them.

Supporting a cause, supporting each other

Our annual giving campaign demonstrates how individual efforts can add up to a powerful collective impact. PwC’s mobile giving site allows our partners and staff to give anytime, anywhere, to organizations that are meaningful to them. And a new crowdfunding feature enables partners and staff to set up their own fundraising pages so they can tap into support networks both inside and outside of the firm for causes they are passionate about. Using this new feature, our people raised funds for autism research, to empower LGBTQ youth and to break the cycle of generational poverty, just to name a few, and the PwC Charitable Foundation awarded ten of the eligible crowdfunding campaigns with $10,000 for their organizations to help further their missions.

We also encouraged partners and staff to snap a selfie for causes they support and share what they care about most with their co-workers and friends.

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Coming together in a time of need

When a devastating earthquake struck Nepal in the spring of 2015, the people of PwC were quick to respond. Within 24 hours, donations had reached $32,000. Within two weeks, our partners and staff had contributed more than $86,000 for a country desperately in need of aid. In addition, a four-year $450,000 grant from the PwC Charitable Foundation enabled Team Rubicon’s “Ready Reserve” team to respond even faster to the events in Nepal.

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Earn Your Future

We have made a significant five-year commitment – $190 million, including 1 million service hours – to youth education and financial literacy that can only be accomplished with the support of our partners and staff. Since FY13, when Earn Your Future began, we delivered over 800,000 service hours and reached 3.5 million students and educators because our people have invested their time and skills in support of our commitment. From teaching business entrepreneurship classes to middle school students from low-income backgrounds in Portland, Oregon, to helping a non-profit in New York focused on breaking the cycle of generational poverty, to helping high school students in Philadelphia realize their dream of going to college, our partners and staff have joined us in this journey to help shape a future generation.

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Dollars for Doers

We know that our people care deeply about a variety of causes affecting their friends, families and communities. Dollars for Doers, a PwC Charitable Foundation program, supports them in their mission to make a difference by providing grants directly to registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations where PwC partners and staff volunteer their time. The program also matches money raised for formal athletic fundraising events. For Megan, a PwC director living with common variable immune disease, Dollars for Doers has boosted her efforts to raise awareness and funds for research and advocacy. This is just one of the ways we’re committed to supporting our people and the causes most important to them.

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Supporting veterans at PwC and in our communities

We understand the challenges that current and former military personnel and their families face and believe we have a responsibility to be a part of their support system. That’s why PwC pledged to be part of the White House’s Joining Forces initiative, and the PwC Charitable Foundation, through its involvement in the Philanthropy Joining Forces Impact Pledge, has committed $5 million over five years through a series of grants to transformative organizations that help US veterans and their children overcome the barriers they face – such as lack of access to affordable education and training, and transition support for entering the civilian workforce for the first time or returning to it after active service. Helping veterans is about building a community of people who can provide support – for example, through Carry the Load, a relay from West Point, New York, to Dallas, Texas, that focuses on raising awareness to the real meaning of Memorial day, support for organizations that focus on health, wellness, and transitional assistance for veterans, and mentorship via our firm’s Veterans Affinity Network (VAN).

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Swoosh! Nothing but net

PwC and the Brooklyn Nets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, and New York Knicks NBA teams committed to planting one tree for every three-pointer made during all regular season games. In the 2014–15 season, we collectively planted more than 4,500 trees and logged nearly 5,000 volunteer hours.

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