Tim Ryan

We’re innovating across our services to help our clients adjust to the challenges of change and find growth in the white space.”

What we’re doing

By leveraging our greatest asset – the skills, knowledge, and talents of our people – we deliver innovative solutions for the issues and opportunities most important to our clients and collaborators, including:

Organizations need a comprehensive business and technology strategy that moves at the speed of the digital age and embraces disruption.

Although innovation is at the top of everyone’s agendas, innovating effectively and at scale can prove challenging.

Enormous amounts of data are at organizations’ fingertips. We help clients discover the value of their data and create trust in it.

For PwC, building trust in society and solving important problems is at the heart of who we are.

Cultivating employees with a skillset that is truly adapted to the 21st century is a crucial driver of success.

Delivering on our ambitious goals

We have made commitments in five key areas. We met some early and are on track to deliver on the others.

3.9M students and educators reached through our Earn Your Future® (EYF®) financial literacy pledge

48% increase in the value of our pro bono engagements since FY14

Reporting on our corporate responsibility efforts is essential to demonstrating transparency, and building and maintaining trust.

Experience some of the work our people are doing around the world.