Unlocking data potential

When a surplus of food or medicine occurs in one area and a shortage in another, it’s likely a problem of infrastructure or logistics. At its core, though, it’s a challenge involving information and data; by understanding where and when the shortages and surpluses occur, it becomes possible to design new and effective solutions.

Enormous amounts of data are now at the fingertips of all organizations, enabling executives to know more about their customers and clients, and their markets. But most business leaders tap into just a fraction of the data available to them, missing out on key insights that could inform strategic decision making. Leaders who master the potential of data and analytics to unlock opportunities see significant impacts on their organization’s performance – a key edge that PwC views as critical in today’s data driven business world.

With expertise in both data analytics and innovation, PwC helps clients discover the value of their data and create trust in it. By applying advanced algorithms and visualization techniques, we push clients to insights and actions that can improve their decision making and empower their people with the insights to embed data and analytics into the fabric of their business. Through these efforts, we help our clients solve some of the biggest business challenges of our day.

The vast amount of data being generated, whether medical, environmental, or educational, also offers the promise of insight into how to solve major societal challenges. At times, these challenges may not appear to connect directly to business. But through a responsible business lens, we leverage our firm’s resources to contribute to solutions while developing tools, strategies, and deeper understanding that is valuable to our clients’ businesses and to our own.

Estimates show that 23% of all digital data generated each year would be useful if tagged and analyzed. However, only 3% is tagged and 0.5% is analyzed.1

Analyzing data to enhance a museum experience

Professionals from PwC’s Advisory practice recently donated their time to examine the journey millions of visitors take through the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere.2 Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry will use our assessment to improve customer analytics and enhance technical capabilities. The goal: meaningful enhancements to the visitor experience.

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Although innovation is at the top of everyone’s agendas, innovating effectively and at scale can prove challenging.

Organizations need a comprehensive business and technology strategy that moves at the speed of the digital age and embraces disruption.

For PwC, building trust in society and solving important problems is at the heart of who we are.

Cultivating employees with a skillset that is truly adapted to the 21st century is a crucial driver of success.