Adapting to a changing world

The world today is becoming rapidly more complex – both for companies and society as a whole. We are collectively facing major challenges, like rapid urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity, and shifting demographics. But we believe every challenge presents an opportunity – and a chance to play a greater role in addressing these megatrends.

2.5bn people will be added to the world’s urban population by 2050.

Source: UN World Urbanization Prospects, 2014

50% more energy, 40% more water, and 35% more food will be required to sustain a global population of 8.3 billion by 2030.

Source: 2014 PwC Megatrends Report

21% of the world’s population will be over the age of 60 by 2050, more than double the level in 2000.

Source: 2014 PwC Megatrends Report

50bn “connected” devices are projected to be in use across the globe by 2020.

Source: 2014 PwC Megatrends Report

We have an opportunity to use our skills and experiences to address some of society’s most challenging issues while working to uphold quality and trust in the marketplace and for society. This shifting landscape of local and global challenges remains top of mind as we work with clients to help them adapt to and anticipate what lies ahead.

We also recognize our responsibility to operate and conduct ourselves in a way that positively impacts our clients, colleagues, and the communities around us. We are constantly working to find ways to adapt to changing conditions and address new challenges, whether it’s giving our partners and staff greater access to information and technology, choosing the right suppliers, or further reducing our environmental footprint.

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Delivering lasting impact for society

As one of the largest professional services firms, we work with thousands of organizations, from businesses across all industries and sectors to non-profit organizations, from academic institutions to municipal or government entities. With each engagement, we deliver quality, transparency, and integrity to the marketplace. Our responsibility begins by bringing an informed and analytical focus to help our clients solve their specific challenges, anticipate the problems they might encounter tomorrow, and build the foundation for confident decision-making.

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The right people to get the extraordinary done

Some opportunities feel like impossible challenges. They’re so big and complicated that they require insights from lots of different fields. But when you have the right team working with you, truly extraordinary things can happen. See how we worked with our clients to help a leading research hospital harness big data to fight cancer and to assist a domestic airline to fly internationally, and how we rethought the entire audit process for an evolving global apparel brand.

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Building value through pro bono

Providing services on a pro bono basis is an important way for us to help a variety of mission-driven clients scale their operations, expand their reach, and serve the broader communities around us. Pro bono is far more than just volunteering; it’s strategically deploying our people’s skills and competencies so they can create value for non-profit organizations. For the past three years, we exceeded our $10 million annual commitment of delivering pro bono services, providing a total of $27.8 million in FY15 and $62.1 million over the last three years.

Investing in youth education and financial literacy

What began as a bold commitment to support youth education has evolved into a long-term strategy aimed at shifting the financial education landscape for future generations. PwC’s Earn Your Future (EYF) leverages our best assets – the talent and time of our partners and staff, as well as our firm’s financial resources – to develop the financial skills of young people and their educators. In 2015, we expanded EYF to $190 million to support new research, increase training for teachers, and invest in organizations that are revolutionizing the field of financial education.

Earn Your Future

In the first years of our commitment, we developed a financial literacy curriculum and empowered our people with the time, resources, and opportunities to volunteer in our nation’s classrooms and teach financial skills to students. We realized that in order to scale our efforts, we must also empower teachers, develop thought leadership, support research, and advocate for financial education, therein leveraging a comprehensive model with scalable and sustainable impact. From building an open-access online curriculum that draws students in through real-life, interactive scenarios, to researching technology use in the classroom, to answering the call of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability – we are, in many ways, changing the game. One certainty is that our five-year commitment won’t end in 2017.

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PwC Charitable Foundation

The PwC Charitable Foundation, a separate 501(c)(3) public charity, supports the people of PwC in times of need and works to address societal issues that impact them, their families, and their communities. By leveraging its knowledge, interests, goodwill, and entrepreneurial spirit, the Foundation also invests in scalable solutions to society’s biggest challenges in education and humanitarianism. The Foundation has made $47.2 million in cumulative grants and investments since 2001, putting the Foundation well on track to meet its $50 million goal by 2017.

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About the Foundation

The PwC Charitable Foundation is focused on making investments that can have a profound effect on underserved populations. In the US, we drive educational change by investing in innovative programs and collaborating with organizations and transformational entrepreneurs developing them. We respond with urgency and sensitivity in times of disaster and build more resilient communities through innovative ventures that advance preparedness and social inclusion. And finally, with programs like the People Who Care Fund and Dollars for Doers, we support the people of PwC in times of unexpected financial hardship and help fund the charities where they volunteer.

Tackling our carbon footprint

The ability to adapt to a changing climate and to minimize impacts to the environment is crucial for businesses now and in the future. At PwC, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint and to integrate a more sustainable, environmentally conscious approach to business operations.

Setting a new carbon goal

This year, we expanded our commitment to the environment by setting a new carbon reduction goal of 45% by FY20, after surpassing our earlier goal of 30% by FY16. We also were the first professional services firm to join the White House’s American Business Act on Climate Pledge.

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