Young people today – especially those growing up in underserved communities – lack the basic financial skills needed to succeed in life. Half of today’s teens are financially illiterate and more than three-quarters of teachers who teach financial literacy indicate a need for more appropriate curriculum resources. This is a growing problem, but one where we believe the financial community can make a measurable difference by sharing knowledge and resources with administrators, teachers, parents, and students alike.

54%+ of millennials expressed concern about their ability to repay student loan debt

Source: Millennials & Financial Literacy – The Struggle with Personal Finance

69% of educators say a lack of qualified teachers is a top challenge for financial education.

Source: PwC Educator Survey, 2015

92% of K-12 educators surveyed nationwide believe financial education should be taught in schools, but only 12% do so.

Source: PwC Educator Survey, 2015

67% of educators say they need more professional development for teaching financial education.

Source: PwC Educator Survey, 2015

Earn Your Future (EYF) began with a vision: leveraging our best assets – our people’s talent and time, as well as our financial resources – to develop the financial skills of young people in our communities. Our tools not only help students develop financial acumen but also challenge them to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow that don’t exist today, the skills needed for those jobs, and the social issues to be solved through their talents.

We set out to reach more than 2.5 million students and educators with an initial commitment of $160 million, including 1 million service hours. Since FY13, our partners and staff have given over 800,000 service hours, reached 3.5 million students and educators, and made an investment of over $80 million. In FY15, we raised the stakes to $190 million.

Progress toward our $190M EYF commitment

Explore our EYF journey: From idea to impact

PwC’s financial literacy curriculum

Our financial literacy curriculum – a key component of PwC’s EYF commitment – provides students and educators with free and easy access to financial education. The PwC Charitable Foundation recently invested in a new EYF Digital Lab – a dynamic, open-source, interactive digital financial education curriculum – which will create broader scale and access to find and reach students, parents and guardians, and teachers everywhere.

EYF Digital Lab

Access our curriculum

Collaborating with rapper Dee-1 to help students get college-ready

As part of our commitment to financial literacy and youth education, we have pledged to help college students pay off debt so that the debt doesn’t manage them. PwC is teaming up with Dee-1, a popular hip-hop artist and former middle-school math teacher, to tackle the issue of student debt. Dee-1 paid off his student loans when he signed a record deal and has since been touring the country to perform his inspirational music. He is now traveling around the US with PwC to speak to high school and college students on the importance of understanding financial concepts, such as paying for college and choosing a meaningful career that leads to financial security. Together, we can help students overcome the burden of student loan debt and start their professional careers on the right foot.

Watch Dee-1 and PwC’s Shannon Schuyler present at the Washington Ideas Forum

Watch Dee-1’s rap celebrating the repayment of his student loans

Spreading knowledge about student loan debt

In order to build financial capability in the marketplace, we need to address the more than $1.2 trillion of student debt that current exists in the US. As part of our Student Loan Paydown Program we support our people by helping pay down their college loans, but we believe we can do more. 71% of students graduate with student loan debt, and those loans can have a significant impact on long-term financial health. As part of our commitment to youth education, we put together a series of 2 minute videos to help aspiring college students and recent graduates understand and address student loan debt. Striving to tackle one student loan at a time.

Aspiring to attend college? Watch our videos on deciding how to pay for college

Just graduated college? Watch our videos on how to manage your finances after college

Educating the educators

Teachers are the key to improving financial capability. Through annual seminars with Knowledge@Wharton High School, PwC sponsors educators and administrators as part of a three-day experience to deepen knowledge and teaching skills about financial capability and business so that they, in turn, can boost the skills of their students.

Learn more about Knowledge@Wharton, an intensive, three-day learning experience to help educators deepen their understanding of financial literacy

Innovating for students

We look for ways to make learning exciting, with an emphasis on helping youth develop their financial capability, which leads to responsible decision-making and successful life skills. Highlighted here are some of the innovative solutions PwC and the PwC Charitable Foundation (the “Foundation”) have developed:

Sharing what we have learned

Leveraging technology in education, college planning, and investments in education are just a few of the areas where PwC offers a point of view, while demonstrating responsible leadership, on issues related to education.

Teaching financial education and entrepreneurship in Belize

Through Project Belize, not only have we helped to inspire and educate the next generation in Belize, we have also been able to use the experience to inform our approach to improving financial capability in the US. Each year, we return to schools in Belize and are reminded of the impact we can have when we invest in a community for the long term. Since 2008, PwC has taught 8,500 students with the help of more than 1,800 PwC active partners, retired partners, staff, and interns.

Hear from PwC partners and staff about the Project Belize program and their experience teaching financial literacy to youth in Belize City