Transformation, innovation and impact

From Corporate Responsibility to Responsible Business Leadership

If you want to understand what’s important to us at PwC, our FY17 Corporate Responsibility report is a good place to start. With this update, we want to show you where we’ve been, but, more importantly, where we’re going. Our approach to acting responsibly is continuously evolving, shaped by changes we see in the market, the needs of our communities, and the role of technology underlying all our work. This report is a snapshot of our progress along the way.”

Tim Ryan,
PwC US Senior Partner & Chairman

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At PwC, we’re purpose-led and values-driven. Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems – and we’re tackling some of the biggest issues out there. Our values are reflected in our work – how we deliver it and the difference we make in our communities.

As a firm, we address the important problems that our clients face. Using the time and talent of our people, we bring the same integrity and quality to solving societal issues that we bring to client work.

Much has changed since our last report. Here are some of the major highlights from the past year:

Corporate Responsibility is now Responsible Business Leadership

Building on our foundation of philanthropy and corporate responsibility, Responsible Business Leadership (RBL) is our commitment to deliver business value and make an impact in our communities by helping to create a more equitable society.

Business as a force for good

We believe that no one group has all the answers or the sole ability to make the change needed. In addition to continuing to engage our partners and staff, we are working closely with nonprofits, community leaders and businesses to address social issues by elevating best practices across our network.

Launch of Access Your Potential®

After the formal end of our Earn Your Future® commitment, we announced Access Your Potential, which expands our focus to technology skills and mentoring, while continuing our work on financial literacy with the Earn Your Future curriculum.

Evolved pro bono and skills-based volunteering strategy

Beyond its societal impact, our pro bono work and skills-based volunteering builds business acumen and contributes to the professional development of our people who participate. In 2018, we will be piloting a new program that combines learning and development with societal impact to position our people to put their professional skills to use in our communities.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion launched on June 12, 2017. We are one of the founding members and signatories of this unified coalition of business leaders. With 300 members and counting, CEO Action is harnessing the power of the private sector to address one of the biggest issues facing business today: diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Amplified global environmental impact

Carbon reduction is critical to the future of both our business and society. Building on our 45% carbon reduction goal, we are working on a global equivalent to bring our best practices to the PwC network.

Our commitments

What has not and will not change is our commitment to taking into account the resources we as a firm have to invest, especially the time and talent of our people, and focusing on the social challenges that intersect with our business.


Looking ahead

Work with our ecosystem of stakeholders to scale impact by engaging 100% of our 50,000 PwC US employees; providing tools and resources for 250,000 employees in PwC territories around the globe; and engaging clients whose responsibility priorities align with ours.

Looking back

Engage 100% of our people in corporate responsibility activities each year.


Looking ahead

Reach 10 million students, train 100,000 teachers and counselors and mentor 10,000 students, through Access Your Potential, a five-year, $320 million commitment.

Looking back

Deliver 1 million youth education service hours, reaching 2.5 million students and educators by FY17, through a five-year, $190 million commitment.

Pro bono work

Looking ahead

Deliver $30 million per year in pro bono services and pilot a skills-based volunteer program in the spring of 2018, with plans to fully scale by FY20. Participate in the upskilling of 100% of our people through Responsible Business Leadership initiatives.

Looking back

Deliver $10 million per year in pro bono services through fee-waived engagements, loaned staff or board seat participation.

Diversity and inclusion

Looking ahead

Demonstrate our purpose by contributing to a business coalition with CEOs from 85 industries to address one of the biggest challenges, and opportunities, we face: improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As a founding member of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, we are helping work towards the coalition’s goal to grow this group to 1,000 signatories in the coming year.


Looking ahead

Target $75 million in annual giving, including firm resources, grants from the PwC Charitable Foundation and donations made by our people, to support nonprofits in our communities.

Looking back

Engage our staff in a culture of giving.


Looking ahead

To be released in spring 2018.

Looking back

Reduce our carbon emissions by 45% by FY20, compared to an FY07 baseline.